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About us


IFBA was founded in 2008 by the CEOs of leading food and beverage companies to empower consumers to eat balanced diets and live healthier lives, in support of the World Health Organization’s efforts to improve global public health.

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About Food Processing

Food processing has been instrumental in delivering safe, nutritious, accessible and affordable foods and beverages to populations around the world and helping address two of the world’s biggest challenges – access to food and malnutrition. Rather than limiting processed foods in the diet, consumers need to be supported to make healthier food choices. Reformulation and innovation – proven strategies endorsed by the WHO, FAO and countries around the world – and educating and encouraging consumers to identify foods that are nutrient-dense and safe will have a far more meaningful impact on improving nutritional quality and health in populations around the world and should be a priority in public health initiatives and dietary guidance.

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Our Mission

IFBA members are learning every day how processing impacts the nutritional quality of food and incorporating these findings into our food-making processes. We are committed to working in public and private partnerships to inform and advance evidence-based research to learn more about food processing with the aim of creating healthier foods and healthier diets.

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